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24th-Mar-2011 04:13 am - From Twitter 03-23-2011
felisimmortalis: (Default)

  • 09:52:01: Off to get hot & soapy. *grabs @SamZMyers & heads for the shower*
  • 10:53:02: @SamZMyers *innocent?* What's wrong about that?
  • 11:04:46: @SamZMyers What? You don't want them knowing I've got the hottest girlfriend ever?
  • 11:12:52: @SamZMyers Then what? *innocent*
  • 11:29:02: @_TheBoyScout @SamZMyers *puts on his Most Charming Grin Evarâ„¢* Mr. Myers, nice to see you again.
  • 11:44:18: @SamZMyers @_TheBoyScout *squeezes Sammy's hand in return* Mom's around somewhere, and Pop? I, uh, think he's out of town.
  • 11:52:31: @_TheBoyScout @SamZMyers *takes a breath and steps up to the plate* I asked Sammy if she'd go out with me.
  • 12:02:06: @_TheBoyScout @SamZMyers *smiles at Sammy* Yeah. I've had a crush on her since forever, and well... I finally decided to take a chance.
  • 12:31:57: Time for the mun to get her teeth cleaned. Back in about an hour/hour-and-a-half.
  • 14:17:56: [[is back w/a clean bill of health from the dentist]]
  • 14:37:22: @_TheBoyScout @SamZMyers Mom's actually good with it. Thinks I should've asked a long time ago. And Pop's, well, Pop. *shrugs*
  • 14:47:44: @_TheBoyScout @SamZMyers Restaurant's fine with me.
  • 15:17:41: @SamZMyers OOF! *catches her* Hey, when you're good, you're good. What can I say? *grins*
  • 15:23:42: @SamZMyers *smiles and kisses back* Horrified. Imagine what would've happened if I brought up the 'M' word.
  • 15:29:31: @SamZMyers *laughs* I'm only joking, dingbat. Eloping to Vegas isn't exactly on my to-do list right now.
  • 15:51:16: @SamZMyers Yeah, gimme some time, dingbat. You know how I like to plan stuff.
  • 16:12:55: @SamZMyers *puts an arm around her* Yeah? Like what...?

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